A Week of Fog

It’s almost like there’s an anti-summer going on here in Chicago.

For the past week, a dense layer of fog has settled over trees and roadways, obscuring the sun, stilling the winds, and sending cool wisps of moisture across my face.

Fog at the end of the road

It’s bizarre seeing everything masked in a calm, chilly coat of off-white.

Pink roses, foggy street

It makes me wish that things were draped in fog all of the time.

Weeping willow

It’s late June, nearly July, and yet I’m still wearing socks to bed.


And when I wake up in the morning and glance out the window, there it is, wafting, drifting, cooling, gathering…

Boats in Fog

…waiting to greet me.

All photos by G. 

25 thoughts on “A Week of Fog

  1. I’m with whatmeread regarding the ridiculous Texas summers. Sometimes I wish for days like in your (amazing) pictures, but I’m sure you wish for sunshine at the same time. I plan to visit Chicago a few times this winter and I might be wishing for the Texas summer days when the icy wind knocks me over.

    1. Yikes you’re gonna visit Chicago in the winter?! Whatever compelled you to do that? It’s misery in the winter. Yes, I do something long for those super hot, sunshine-filled days – the kind where all you want to do is go to the beach. There aren’t many here, but that’s ok – the milder weather suits me more anyway!

      1. I hope to head up there for some job interviews sometime between November-January (hopefully being the key word). I grew up in western New York state so the cold weather suits me just fine. Although it’s easy to say that in the middle of winter.

        1. Good luck with the job interviews! I didn’t manage to get any interviews with “local” companies when I graduated from college, haha. Funnily enough, though, I did interview with a couple of places in New York.

          1. Thank you! I plan (hope) to have interviews scattered around the country at around that time. I’d love to see Chicago even if it’s not for an interview and hopefully I’ll make my way there eventually. I hope you liked New York!

    1. Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you around! I wondered where you’d gone. Nice to have you back again 🙂
      You should have seen the cobwebs that day. They were all beaded with water – gorgeous!

  2. Lovely photos and prose! San Francisco summers are also all foggy mornings and windy afternoons. I will have to look for more beauty in the fog tomorrow morning like you do.

      1. Yikes! You would MELT here! One summer when it had been 100+ for weeks, our air conditioning went out. It turned out we had to buy a whole new unit. Since that was going to take awhile, we went out and bought a portable wheely unit for our bedroom and basically stayed in the bedroom for about a week! We still use it every night so that we can let the rest of the house heat up at night.

        1. Oh yeah, I know!! I was in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago and it was BOILING. I forgot that I could sweat that much. Full-size AC units are so expensive – I feel bad that you had to replace yours!

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