Scenes from Lake Michigan

This weekend has been filled with balmy 80-degree temperatures (~27° C), which calls for biking to the farmers’ market, playing lots of tennis, and multiple trips to the beach.



Paddle Surfers

If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, happy early summer! As for you southerners, I hope you’ve been preparing, because winter is on its way.

Photos taken around sunset with a Nikon D5100. 


7 thoughts on “Scenes from Lake Michigan

  1. What beautiful photos! I love the one of the rocks and the horizon. It’s getting cold here, so I’m jealous! My university was covered in mist the whole day today. As Ned Stark always said, “Winter is coming”.

    1. hahaha yes, I’m glad you got the subtle Game of Thrones reference! I almost wrote “winter is coming,” but thought it might be too cheesy. 🙂 Sorry that you’re dealing with cooler weather, but the winters in Australia are quite mild compared to those in Chicago, or so I hear!

  2. What I assume is the same weather has been happening here, in southern Ontario. I have been soaking it up, especially after the grueling winter we had. Hurrah for sunshine and vitamin D!

    1. Aha! It’s funny, I’ve noticed that there seem to be little pockets across the world that have the same weather. Specifically, there’s a blogger I follow who’s based in Amsterdam, and the weather in Chicago seems to be identical most of the time! Glad you had a sunny weekend, too 🙂

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