Formal Analysis of “Lot in Sodom” up on Curnblog!

Happy Friday!

Just a quick post to let you all know that my second article for supermovie website Curnblog has just gone live. Lot in Sodom is a 28-minute black-and-white avant-garde film from 1933 that has a surprisingly favorable view towards homosexual desire (if you look closely, that is). If you’d care to take a read, you can find the article here. Cheers!


6 thoughts on “Formal Analysis of “Lot in Sodom” up on Curnblog!

  1. Firstly, thank you for visiting the blog, secondly, extremely well written review, your writing style is envious to those that find writing not their strongest attribute, like myself. That’s why I went into health sciences lol. Keep in touch, and keep up the good work.

  2. You belong in the reviewer-writer world, Alina. If not, I see what the blogger was talking about in the first part of the introduction. You are real. Unfiltered. What I hate with known reviewers in the media is that they want to sound that they are so movie-savvy. They always to (indirectly) make a statement that they know film. What it does is that their reviews are often tend to compare, to be so intellectually opinionate, and to be unfocused. They look at the movie/film in general view and not just focus in that one film. I’ve said on my Featured Blog post, you are the best blogger-reviewer for me because your reviews are not tainted.

    1. Woo hoo, thank you Rommel! That’s a big compliment. Oh, I also wrote the “introduction” to my analysis of Lot in Sodom, in case that wasn’t clear. Heh heh. I like the thought of being “untainted.” Of course, being completely objective is impossible, but it does help that my salary isn’t dependent on whether I give films a positive or negative review!
      P.S. I’m only about 35 pages into Persepolis, but I love, love, love it already.

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