Spring Forward

It finally breached 60 degrees yesterday in Chicago! Now that spring (and April showers) are officially here, it’s time to share what I’m looking forward to eating/wearing/doing/seeing in the coming months of balmy wonderfulness!



Tiny sprouts are the first sign of more green things soon to come.


pink candle

An unabashedly pink candle from World Market that smells like candy.


spring clothes

Yes, I really do wear lime-green pants to work. And who could resist a super-soft t-shirt with the days of the week printed in Spanish?



Bananas for smoothies, lemons for tartness, tomatoes for salads, and avocados and cilantro for much deliciousness. I made this Lemon Quinoa Cilantro Chickpea Salad on Monday night and my goodness but it’s the best thing I’ve cooked up in a long time! Highly recommend.



Visible moss means gentler temperatures. I’ve already stopped using my heavy winter coat. Now those infamous Chicago winds are refreshing, not punishingly frigid.


spring makeup

My spring makeup includes aquamarine nail polish, liquid eyeliner, L’Oreal infallible eyeshadow, and an orange-red lip butter.


bird on wire

Well, I’m not hearing birdsongs just yet, but once it gets into the 50s permanently, all the windows in my apartment will be flung wide open–and they’ll stay that way until September.

Photo credits: All taken by G. 


13 thoughts on “Spring Forward

  1. What a great spring post! I love the illustrations of the senses and all the colors. I hope spring really does arrive for good for you 🙂

    1. Thank you, Cecilia! I’m a very seasons-oriented person, and the arrival of spring has really cheered me up. Not that I’m normally melancholy or anything, but as I’m sure you’ve heard, this winter in Chicago was mind-numbingly cold!

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