Ice Breaking

After the polar vortex descended on Chicago this winter–along with the usual flurry of snowstorms–the rivers froze more stubbornly than ever. But on Friday, riding home on the train, I noticed that the ice was breaking up at last.

ice from bridge

I thought it made for very dramatic photos! (Click each to view full size).

ice in river

Unedited photos taken with a Nikon D5100 by G.


16 thoughts on “Ice Breaking

  1. Yes, great photos (as always). I do hope that the winter’s finally coming to an end! It’s been a tough one all over but I know that Chicago is always hard.

    1. Yes, this has been a really nasty winter! I like extreme snow, but not extreme cold. But the past couple of weeks I have been in an absolutely ebullient mood—I’m just so glad that spring is close, even if it hasn’t quite arrived yet!

  2. Beautiful shots. Love it when nature tells us things’ll change soon. I’ve noticed a lot of frisky birds on the disc golf course, pairing up and building nests.

    1. thanks for the comment, and I’ll let the photographer know that you liked his work! The animals around Chicago, I think, are still hibernating, but the extra daylight is definitely welcome. Supposed to breach 60 degrees next week – can’t wait!

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