Herbal Skinsaver

Origins 2

Short post today for the sole purpose of mentioning the magical frothiness that is the Origins checks & balances face wash.

I’m not planning to turn this into a lifestyle blog by any means, but this is the best $21 I’ve spent in a while. No, I do not have any excuses for spending $21 on a tube of gelatinous white stuff. The ethereal glow my skin gets is definitely imaginary, not reality, but if I want to spend $21 to imagine that I look like the dewy Daenerys, then that is my messed-up priority. All that said, this Origins cream is so much better than those awful “gentle” cleansers from Neutrogena that I used for years that I would go back to my 14-year-old self and force her to buy this expensive face soap if I could. Dramatic, yes, I am.

I’m sure some people (or rather, some people’s skin) wouldn’t be moved by the Origins face wash, but it’s very mild and non-irritating, and the reviews on the Origins website are pretty much universally glowing. It also smells like soft peppermint and sage, which is fine by me.

8 thoughts on “Herbal Skinsaver

  1. This product sounds great. And if it works for you, spending $21 isn’t a messed up priority! Take it from someone for whom skincare is high on the list of priorities. I would say to try third party sellers if you want to buy it cheaper though. Amazon or eBay? Works for me all the time.

    1. Well, this time I had a $10 off coupon if I spent $25, so it worked out pretty well. It’s only a few dollars cheaper on Amazon, and is equally expensive when you add in the shipping! But to be honest, I completely don’t mind the $21 price tag. It means I can continue to use the cheap concealer & powder combination in lieu of buying an actual foundation!

  2. I may have actually used this before…I like Origins and am right now finishing up the Origins anti-aging serum that my husband got me some time ago. I am so out of the loop on these things so I am perfectly happy if you decide to post on this topic from time to time!

    1. Oh good! I don’t plan to make a regular habit of it, but I don’t mind reading the occasional post about “superficial” topics like skincare and such. Origins really is fantastic… expensive, yes, but very good quality.

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