Chicago Sunrise

A rare winter sunrise in Chicago.

shirts sunrise
shirts drying

Not that sunrises in Chicago are actually rare; it’s just that I rarely see them.

The colder it gets, the harder it seems to be to wake up.

But sometimes, you stumble out of bed, glance into the living room, and are unexpectedly greeted by shafts of sun passing through the translucent blouse you left to dry above the radiator. And the normally harsh sheet of ice on the window is temporarily infused with a soft, rose-yellow glow.

icy sunrise

You stagger back to bed, photos snatched, ready for sleeping again.

When you wake–truly wake–two hours later, they are the only evidence you weren’t dreaming about the preternatural light.


8 thoughts on “Chicago Sunrise

  1. Ha! I know, winters make you feel sleeping in a bit longer. But at the same time I miss seasons. Weather changes are nice to have. I hate monotonous weather of 365 days of heat, dust and sweat.

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