Quick Announcement: The Walking Dead!! (Vol. 2)

Walking Dead girth

A brief interruption to your sleepy, snowy Saturday: I am now officially the owner of The Walking Dead: Compendium 2!

Just look at the girth of that book.

Last time I traveled out of the country, I made the mistake of putting Compendium 1 in my carry-on bag and nearly got charged an overweight fee.

Walking Dead cover

Best early birthday present EVER!

I’ll have to read this before season 4 returns on February 9. The mid-season finale pretty much lined up perfectly with the end of Compendium 1, so that means I’ll be picking up exactly where the show left off. But don’t worry–I won’t let myself get derailed from my 30 books list. (First review coming tomorrow, btw, of The Ugly American).

If you think the TV show is entertaining/horrifying, then trust me: it pales in comparison to the absolute hopelessness of the graphic novel!

Pictures by G. 


6 thoughts on “Quick Announcement: The Walking Dead!! (Vol. 2)

    1. Yes indeed! I didn’t use to read graphic novels, either. But there are so, so many good ones that aren’t about superheroes. And in this case, the novel is even more frightening than the tv show!

    1. My Bday isn’t until February! (so yes, this present was more than a little bit early). I am a pretty fast reader – when I actually read, that is. I’m not sure why it’s so difficult to convince myself to slow down, sit down, and read a book.
      Thanks for the award(s) nom! Will amble over to your site presently…

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