Resolutions: The Short List

My goals for 2014 are few.

1. Stop being late to work every day

2. Eat healthy & exercise 3x a week

3. Read 30 books

4. Move to New Zealand

Now… let’s see which of those actually happen!


7 thoughts on “Resolutions: The Short List

  1. Being late for work, you can change that with no sweat. Try using different alarm system/choice of sound. Sleep a bit and wake up a bit earlier than usual. If you have to have to for some days, don’t be afraid to bother someone else to wake you up. Last, don’t look at your blog for too long as you prepare to go to work! Ahihihi

    1. Yes, I find that the calmer the alarm sound, the easier it is for me to get up! I just have trouble forcing myself to go to sleep early enough… Too many things to watch/read/do haha

  2. Read 30 books, that’s impressive. I read about 20 books in 2012, but last year only 3 to 4 books (I’m still reading the 4th book – Wolf Hall).
    But I’d say (Hope you don’t mind me saying so), read as many ‘Good quality’ books as possible, quantity doesn’t matter.
    Move to NZ, any specific reason for that, or you just need a change of scenery.
    Nice Resolutions by the way.

    1. Yes, it is ambitious!! haha. I have my full list of books I plan to read coming tomorrow morning. And i think (hope) that most of the picks are good quality!

      I’ve thought about moving to New Zealand for almost 6 months now. I’d like to do a year-long working holiday and then apply to attend grad school there. I want to get a PhD but would like to do a program that isn’t as neurotic as I suspect many of the better PhD programs in the U.S. are.

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